Front-End Dev

What can I do for you?

COCO for K.H. is an interspecies, collaborative art piece. I created an underwater digital drawing pad for my turtle and incorporated her drawings into a turtle-inspired coat. It is a prime example of the possibilities we can achieve when combining STEM and the arts.

COCO for K.H.

Fine Art, Computing

Basa Seafood Express is a small seafood shop and restaurant in San Francisco. They wanted a strongly branded, personalized website to increase their web presence and attract more customers.

Basa Seafood Express

UX, Web, Visual Design

The Signacare Medical System is a speculative technology designed to help patients recover from impaired stress response systems. These people may react to everyday situations as if they are highly stressful. The watch serves as a companion to a personalized microchip implanted at the base of the neck.


UX, Wearable, Visual Design

I was invited by the UCSD Japanese Student Association to join their design competition for the yearly membership card and shirt. These items are symbols of loyalty and pride to the club, and identify the members on outings. I designed both the winning card and shirt.

JSA Membership Cards

Graphic Design, Illustration

I designed graphics to support promotions for the UC San Diego Box Office. The highlight of every quarter were the posters I created for our holiday and vacation deals. The posters successfully generated awareness and attracted new customers.

UCSD Box Office Ads

Graphic Design, Illustration, Advertisement

Piggy is a web app designed to motivate users to save money and spend less with an individualized budget and gamified reward system. Our challenge was to motivate them to start, and to give them the drive to keep going. Basically, it's saving made easy and fun.


UX, Web Design, Visual Design

Mingo is a mobile matchmaking app designed to spark friendships by putting interests first. Rather than wading through dozens of profiles before finding someone compatible, Mingo streamlines the process with an event-based system.


UX, App Design, Visual Design

Across the Rift is a photo series created to capture the essence of a dream I had long ago. Dreamy settings are often imagined as warm and hazy, with strange objects in impossible settings. This series veers in the opposite direction: cold, elusive, yet vaguely familiar.

Across the Rift

Art Direction, Photography

Every year, the Japanese Student Association and Nikkei Student Union at UCSD celebrate Japanese culture through a large festival. I won the design contest for the festival poster, and designed many other promotional materials as well.

UCSD Matsuri Festival

Art Direction, Graphic Design, Branding

Couleur Nature is a distributor and retailer of French-inspired table linens and home accessories. While each scene was assembled to reflect the theme and colors of the main product, the overall aesthetic for all product shoots remained consistent: casual, yet refined; glamorous and vibrant.

Couleur Nature

Photography, Editorial Design, Copywriting, Art Direction