Couleur Nature

Photography, Editorial Design, Copywriting, Art Direction

Couleur Nature is a distributor and retailer of French-inspired table linens and home accessories. While each scene was assembled to reflect the theme and colors of the main product, the overall aesthetic for all product shoots remained consistent: casual, yet refined; glamorous and vibrant.

The Process

Couleur Nature's target market is the older, wealthy demographic. To prepare for the photo shoot, I was constantly looking through catalogs and websites of our competitors to understand the aesthetic of the industry.

I handled everything related to the photo shoots: setup and styling, photography, and digital editing. Until I was actually given a budget for props, I gathered items from around the office and warehouse to incorporate in my shoots.

Fun Fact

Because I could only work within the office, I had to be creative with the set up. Almost all the shots were taken in the same corner, next to a window. To block the view of the parking lot, I moved one of the office plants outside. You can see it in a few of the photos.